QLD Pirates

Amanda Fielding
Ast. Coach:
Dean Bielanowski
2Ast. Coach:
Rhiannon Tooker
Catherine Birch
Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy
Dean Bielanowski












The Queensland Pirates have proven themselves to be a force in the Australian Volleyball League. Both men's and women's sides have seen their share of finals volleyball, with the men looking to recover the title after a narrow defeat in 2015 final. The women are also looking to reclaim the top spot that was theirs in 2012.   

Pirates head coach Richard James (men) and Amanda Fielding (women) have rounded out their rosters with a strong mix of experienced senior players, and young guns who can steer the ship in the years to come. With an abundance of international experience both on the sand and the court, the Pirates look to be a formidable opponent.

With a crew of passionate and loyal supporters on the deck in the Sunshine State, the Queensland Pirates are certainly a team to watch in the 2016 AVL season.


Head Coach - Amanda Fielding

Assistant Coach - Dean Bielanowski

2nd Assistant Coach - Rhiannon Tooker

Manager - Catherine Birch

Physio/Trainer - Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy