25 - 23
25 - 19
25 - 20
0 - 0
0 - 0

Match Information

Coach Quote (Home Team)
Coach Alberto Flamigni said he was happy with the solid team performance with the guys in control of the game. These 6 points will help us to move forward in our journey to the finals.
Coach Quote (Away Team)
"It was a challenging first away round for the WA Steel Men. The team struggled to hold the level of consistency which is required to achieve success at an AVL Level. Whilst we had moments of playing a very high standard of volleyball we were unable to hold that level for long enough to close out sets. The boys continued to dig deep and fight hard through both matches, continuing to give ourselves opportunities. The next step for the team will be to take advantage of our opportunities we create in order to achieve the success we are working hard to obtain." Head Coach, Mitch Collins

NSW UTSSU SHIELD held strong on their blocking and this was the difference in the first set with several from Kelan Nolan making it impossible for WA STEEL to take the set. The young WA team could not maintain consistency of play throughout the match to capitalise on points won.