17.11.2019 13:00
23 - 25
25 - 18
25 - 19
20 - 25
15 - 13

Queensland Pirates v Canberra Heat Round 5 – Game 2 – Men Obviously stung by the previous night’s 3-0 loss, Canberra Heat came out firing in Game 2. Set 1 was exactly what the large crowd who had come were hoping to see: the two best teams in the country slugging it point-for-point. In fact it was not until the last few points of the set that any team was able to establish more than a one point led, with the Heat earning several points on Travis Passier’s serve to close the set out 25:23. Losing the opening set, just the second set they had dropped for the season, spurred the Pirates into action. With Pirates setter Ben Bell successfully running the offense, and the team’s defense regularly creating points, The Pirates controlled the next two sets, winning both (25:18; 25-19). Set 4 opened with teams trading points, until the Heat put on a run of seven unanswered points on Kieran Ackhurst’s serve, with some big blocks from the Heat effectively neutralising the Pirates attack. The Heat maintained this lead with strong hitting by Olympians Travis Passier and Thomas Hodges, taking the set 25:20 and forcing the match to a 5th set. Parity was restored in set 5, with the team’s neck and neck until the court switch when the Pirates earned a two point break. The match then traded points until two quick points by the Pirates earned them match point. When an overpass was smashed by Shane Alexander the Pirates fans erupted, but unfortunately an attacking fault was called. With this distraction, the Heat grab a couple of points back before a second time-out by the Pirates settled their nerves and they sided-out for the win, taking the set 15:13. Final match score Qld Pirates def Canberra Heat 3:2 (23:25; 25:18; 25:19; 20:25; 15-13).