Canberra Heat.

Les Young
Ast. Coach:
Russ Borgeaud
2Ast. Coach:
Michael Watson
Tracy Bellerby
Ella Ward, Pete Garbutt, Saara Stevenson
Andre Borgeaud

Heat Men 2015


Canberra Heat Volleyball Club is the longest serving club in the Australian Volleyball League.  The club fields both Men's and Women's teams in the Australian Volleyball League.  Players are selected from the Volleyball ACT affiliated clubs and junior representative programs. Most players were originally identified through the Canberra Heat Volleyball Academy.


Heat Men were national champions in 2015 and 2011; and runners up in 2013 and 2014.  Coach Young has contracted a range of new young talent into the side in 2016 to replace players that have secured international professional contracts and college scholarships.  These young players will play alongside the experience of Olympian Travis Passier and captain Andre Borgeaud who returns to Australia after five years playing overseas.   With these lineup changes, the team has some hard work ahead if they wish to get back into the 'Final Four' in 2016.


The Heat will host AVL from the Australian Institute of Sport.