14 - 25
17 - 25
22 - 25
0 - 0
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Match Information

Coach Quote (Home Team)
Main issue was the Storm was unable to attached with the large blocks, and we struggled to side out. Our defense was good with every ball being touched. Reception held up well against tough serving. Looking forward to producing a stronger match execution tomorrow as we have nothing to loose and we hope to improve.
Coach Quote (Away Team)
Good hit out for us today. The Storm defended well in the second set with some good 50/50 plays. Good to have a battle with a different line up. The Pirates intent was good and we still have somethings to work on.

The Queensland Pirates took control of the first set showing their strength in playing attacking volleyball. Aggressive serving and solid blocking were the key to the Pirates taking out the match in three sets. The Storm recovered from the initial onslaught to play good defense and improved their ability to score points in each ensuing set.