The 2015 Australian Volleyball League finalists have been decided following the completion of the home and away season.

As expected the Queensland Pirates have finished the season well on top in the men’s competition, dropping just three sets during the 12-match competition.

The Uni Blues were even more dominant in the women’s competition, losing just two sets in a powerful display of indoor volleyball.

But Canberra can lay claim to the best overall club, with both the Heat men’s and women’s teams qualifying for the Melbourne finals on December 5 and 6.

Both Canberra teams finished the home-and-away season in third position.

In the women’s competition UTSSU finished in second position, with the VVA Vultures finishing in fourth, just ahead of an unlucky Queensland Pirates.

The Uni Blues, as head of the south conference, will play Canberra, second in the east conference, in one semi-final, while UTSSU, first in the east conference, will take on the Vultures in the other semi.

In the men’s competition, Adelaide Storm finished top of the south conference and will take on Canberra in one semi, while Queensland will take on the WA Hornets in the other semi.

Both the Queensland Pirates men’s team and the Uni Blues women’s team will be aiming for third consecutive Australian Volleyball League titles.