Adelaide Storm

Team Short Name:
Jason Potts
Ast. Coach:
Zack Lawley-Knott
Quoc Pham
Alicia Espinosa

It is time to forget the old age adage that 'thunder and lightning aren't so frightening'. Much like a cyclone has the ability to flatten an entire city, the Adelaide Storm has the ability to destroy every team's dream of gold with rains of courage, lightning bolts of talent and a home crowd that is so loud, thunder will seem mute in comparison. 


Entering the competition for the third year under the Storm name, the team boasts both experience. This year's group is captained by veteran Yvette Halstead. A player with extensive history in beach and indoor nationals, Halstead is prepared to lead the Storm in a combination of home and away games for the season. Anisa McKenzie, in her third year with the storm, brings experience through the middle while her history in gymnastics has produced a vertical jump worth boasting about. Sheena Peters, another long time member, controls the backcourt with a tenacity and intent that rivals no other. Her ability to scoop up even the most unexpected of balls sets the tone for the strength of the Storm's 2016 defensive lineup.


The team welcomes a plethora of new talent as well - an exciting prospect and advantage over teams who are yet to scout them. This includes players such as Hannah Berman and Mickey Jenkinson.


This year's team is coached by Jason Potts. With a number of medals under his belt coaching a multiple-time premiership club in the SA Volleyball League, Potts is ready to lead a team to gold on a national platform. 

His experience is further complemented by the addition of Karola Laventure as assistant coach. Her commitment to volleyball has been evident through her playing career - Laventure is a former national team member and played for the Storm as recently as 2014. Delving into a coaching position has been beneficial as she is able to provide solid advice due to her intricate knowledge of the competition. Laventure has also been a fantastic organisational force within the group and the team have reaped the benefits of this discipline.

Adelaide Storm was built on the legacy of the SA Wolves and SA Rubies. In 2014 the SA volleyball community voted to change the name to one that both men's and women's teams could use to grow the excitement around SA being involved in AVL again. Adelaide Storm was born.

2014 - 4th

2015 - 7th

Alexandra Dobo34729291.79711522412113
Amelia Nitschke82611111
Cherise Boothey941215121891343068
Elke Jarvis3842108131.8611833102811315
Jessica Smale224411141112
Kelly van der Linde1121118166211.891432775022311
Kim Wigg10241212831023348
Michaela Jenkinson172111451031311
Rebecca Larizza1622151.313141141213
Sarah Gould44102511.131169278511455
Victoria Wright80381387983841154
Yvette Halstead178112.08429

League results

Rank Played Won Lost Drawn GD League Points
1 0 0 0 0 0 0

Latest matches

Date Team Location Match Result
05.11.2017 10:30 Uni BluesHome
11.11.2017 15:00 VVA VulturesAway
12.11.2017 11:00 VVA VulturesAway
18.11.2017 15:00 Uni BluesAway
19.11.2017 11:00 Uni BluesAway